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Thoracoscopic Surgery

COURSE OBJECTIVES of Thoracoscopic Surgery

HIGHLIGHTS of Thorascoscopic Surgery

- Technological aspects: the course will focus on practical technological aspects such as instrumentation, energy source and tissue approximation technologies,operating room set-up, robotics.
- Approaches: use and location of access incisions, their benefits and limitations.
- Tips and tricks.
- Complications: one major session of the course will be devoted to the analysis and management of complications, based on videos.

TARGET AUDIENCE of Thoracoscopic Surgery

This curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of experienced thoracoscopic surgeons, who are considering starting a VATS program and who seek practical and helpful information. Fellows and residents as well as thoracic surgeons with limited experience in advanced thoracoscopic procedures will also benefit from sharing their experience with experts and colleagues.

Advanced Thoracic Surgery Course - VATS and RATS (2020)
  • 2020, March 19 - 21
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